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Quality Rug Pads

A quality rug pad can add both comfort and protection to any area rugs. It also will prevent the rug from slipping on hard surfaces, while keeping you hardwood floors looking fresh and clean. The right rug pad will add many years of life your hardwood floors.

The most popular rug pads tend to be either felt, natural rubber, or pvc. The more dense the rug pad, the better it will protect your floors. A quality pad (that is dense) will help prevent scratches on your floors. Also it will protect your floor and keep the back of the rug from causing damage and scratching your floors.

In certain cases, a thicker rug pad is not necessarily better. This is the case for areas of high traffic, where the rug might slip more often. A thicker rug pad, such as a felt rug pad, will make smaller area rugs and runner rugs a bit too bulky. This will cause unwary visitors to trip. It also wont grip as well as a thinner non-slip pad.

A rug pad will also add comfort, insulation, cushion, and warmth to your home. Most area rugs that sit directly on hardwood will be hard and cold with your floors. The best rug pads will create a more inviting atmosphere for you and your guests in your home.

A felt and rubber rug pad is one of the best non-slip rug pads that I can mention. It adds both safety and cushioning all in one rug pad. 100% felt pads will offer cushioning, but might slip all over the place. A 100% natural rubber rug pad will keep your rug secure to the floor, but won't provide much in regards to cushioning and floor protection. Every area rug needs a rug pad. Choose a quality made in USA rug pad without and chemicals or adhesives that might give off harmful VOC's and odors.

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Things to Look for When Purchasing a Rug Pad

If you are buying a rug pad, you need to know that they are not all created equally. Choosing the right rug pad for your needs is a process that many people hurry through. However, the way a pad is made plays a key role in the way your rug looks and performs.

A rug pad is a sheet of material that goes between your rug and the floor. It is cut just a bit smaller than the rug itself so that it holds the rug in place without protruding. Its primary purpose is to protect your rug from the damage of rubbing against the floor underneath. It also takes the brunt of the impact from people walking on it, reducing the stress to the rug fibers. According to the Carpet Cushion Council, rugs without pads beneath lose an average of 19 percent of their height from traffic while the same rug with a pad only loses between 5 and 10 percent.

In general, your rug pad fulfills several important purposes:

  1. It makes cleaning your rug work more easily. If there is a pad beneath your rug, it is easier for your vacuum cleaner to give the rug a slight lift, bringing out more dirt. This keeps your family members from suffering from as many allergic ailments.

  2. Rug padding dampens sound. While this is not as important when the area rug is the size of a doormat, the ones that cover a large percentage of a wood or cement floor beneath a large area rug keep a lot of the sound from echoing back to you from the floor through the rug itself.

  3. An area rug pad gives that rug a softer feel. A lot of homeowners believe that this is the primary purpose of a pad, but it is not. Indeed, some of the most effective rug pads at dampening sound and keeping the rug cleaner are not as soft underneath the rug.

It is important to think about where your rug pad will go before making a purchase. What kind of activities go on in this room? Who walks through it on a regular basis? Will a couch take up much or most of the rug, or is this an area through which people walk freely? The more traffic you have on the rug, the more of a beating your rug will take in a shorter amount of time. If there will be a lot of walking or playing on this area rug, as in a media room or playroom for kids, think about using a thicker pad to provide more comfort. Is there someone in your home with a wheelchair? A thick pad tends to slow them down, so think about that as well. Beyond that, the pad is really up to your needs. Here's one tip to think about, though -- if you buy a pad that comes folded, it is difficult to get that fold to come out all the way. Manufacturers indicate that the folds completely relax, but you can have one under your area rug for years and still feel that fold as you step on it through the rug. Instead, buy your area rug pads rolled.

If you bear these ideas in mind, choosing an area rug pad will bring you a rewarding process. Enjoy!

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Choosing The Right Rug Pad

Rug pads ensure that rugs stay in place rather than traveling all over the floor. Literally, rug padding is put under a rug to provide additional luxurious comfort to the rug, minimize damage to the floor, and prevent the rug from sliding excessively.

Ideally, the type of rugs and the floor type should determine the type of rug pad you choose. Outdoor area rugs require rug pads with more cushioning. In addition to a rug pad, you may want to buy a rug pad tape to secure and better position the rug

Non- slip rug pads

Non-slip rug pads offer stability and tracking for area rugs so that they stay on the intended spot. Non-slip rug pads also provide protection and shielding for the rugs themselves. They reduce wear and tear to the rugs from typical use.

Choosing the right rug pad

Benefits of the right rug pad

The right rug pad will not only help prevent slip accidents, but makes your rug more comfortable, helps reduce sounds, make rooms warmer among many other advantages.

When buying a rug pad, putting the type of floor and rugs in your home into consideration will help you choose the right padding. Ideally choose thin non-slip rugs for smaller areas such as hallways and thick, cushiony pads for larger area rugs for comfort and cushioning. Choose environmental friendly materials that are sustainable and biodegradable.

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Buying An Area Rug Pad

In most cases, homeowners often spend plenty of cash buying carpets may it be Oriental area rugs, Persian carpets or some other variety of carpets. Experts feel, one should get an area rug pad as well to prevent the carpet from moving and breaking down in time.

Oriental rugs and Persian rugs can be bought in different qualities based on the price tag. The key elements that differentiate Oriental carpets from Persian carpets are its delicate design, quality of wool, knots count per square inch, level of quality of dyes, and its fiber. Alternatively, the artisans who produce these area rugs also play a key role in order to keep the level of these carpets top notch. If we talk about Persian carpets, they usually are created in Iran by skillful craftsmen.

These carpets are recognized mainly for their durability, beautiful workmanship and level of quality. For designing Persian carpets, the material used is wool. Furthermore, you can find sub-classes of wool made use in these area rugs like Manchester wool, camel hair as well as Kork wool. Several older antique rugs are made using silk however they are costly and significantly less durable than the woolen carpets. The simple way to determine an actual Persian rug is to try and study the knot as it has a single looping in contrast to any fake or any other variety of area rugs. Another way of safeguarding your wood floor is to try to make full use of rugs. They offer thermal resistance in different seasons or colder climate; they help in keeping very warm air for a longer period. You may not only use rug as a beautifying product, but also for providing a comfy environment for resting and working. Rug pads are often used to protect all kinds of carpets from dust particles and early wear out. So, it is very safe to say that a rug pad can extend the life span of your valued quality area rug.

Below are a few more reasons that are sufficient for purchasing an area rug pad:

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The Different Varieties of Broadloom Rugs

Typically, fashions and trends can often changes. Interestingly enough, antique persian rugs and carpets are one of the only rugs . They are still probably the most widely used product for home decoration and decor. There are several types of area rugs on the market that can be used for all different types of things. Some of the regularly used products can include wool, cotton, rayon, acetate and soft silk. Some of the common kinds of rugs are:

Persian Rugs - The rolls royce of area rugs are old antique Persian Rugs which have been a key part of the art and cultural history of Persia. Quite possibly the most dominant features of these carpets is simply that they are produced with true natural products and are always hand made with expensive materials and dyes. Generally, wool is the main ingredient used for manufacturing a Persian rug. However, wool can be broken down and further classified into different strands and types.The kinds of wool may include Manchester wool, Kork wool, and also camel hair wool in some instances. You will see numerous motifs in Persian rugs. To mention a few, Shah Abbassi, Mehrab and All-Over patterns are the top rated few patterns of these area rugs. Oriental Area rugs are real oriental carpets are hand crafted carpets which are either woven without pile or are made with pile. These area rugs are made in Orient (East) territories like Vietnam and China. There are lots of individuals who link these kinds of oriental carpets with high-class and good quality materials that tend to give their house an amazing visual appearance and attractiveness. You can buy these rugs easily through any online or offline store now as it has fast become remarkably straightforward to deal directly with the maker of these quality area rugs. For some, oriental rugs are hand crafted area rugs while for many people they are precisely knotted carpets that are normally plush and very thick. You may also come across such type of oriental rugs that are flat woven just like traditional flat weaved carpets, Afgan kilims and much more. There are particular production things like wool, soft silk and linen which can make a top quality oriental area rug differ against lower quality rugs. The fibre of the oriental rugs could be different from one rug to the other depending on various reasons. Meanwhile, it is the extremely gorgeous vivid colors of the Oriental area rugs that make them a lot more spectacular to to people than any other type of area rugs. These area rugs are available in highly complex designs no matter whether they are pile woven or knotted. Generally speaking, floral designs and styles and patterns are widely offered but they are also found in the market with a variety of exclusive historical views and landscapes.

Simple Carpets- simply stated, upper layer of pile is generally linked to the back so they cover the floor. Pile is in fact produced from manmade stuff or wool just like nylon, polyster, or polypropylene. In addition, to take care of the structure of upper layer pile, it is actually treated with heat.

Carpet Pads-: Not exactly an area rug, Carpet Pads and Rug Pads create a safer environment as they reduce slippage and creases of your area rugs. At the same time, they play an important role in supporting your rug to stay anchored to the floor for a long period of time. These area rug pads also assist in avoiding marring, colour transfer, and dye strain of your floors. So, area rug pads may offer fantastic comfort and features for your area rug. It also can make cleaning less difficult.

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